Do you want journalists to be reporters or advocates?

WCBD-News 2 reporter Rebecca Ryan Collett posted this publicly on her Facebook page today in reference to the controversial custody dispute over Baby Veronica.


While most of the comments among her Facebook friends was positive, media blogger Jim Romenesko pointed out that one reader told her to ‘just report.’ Make sure you read the comments on that post.

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Shark Week, Charleston style: the best Lowcountry shark videos

By Steve Colman

By Steve Colman

Why are we so fascinated with sharks? Killer whales are smarter and a strong current is deadlier.

Yet, something about those menacing teeth and sleek fins cue the “Jaws” them in our head and make us click any time we see a new encounter.

It’s as if we forget they’re all around us until the moment they bump into us while we’re riding our surfboards or when they wash up on shore.

Heck, Mary Lee the Shark, tagged and named by Ocearch, only has to swim within 500 miles of Charleston and the entire region goes nuts.

But hey, who am I to argue with your insatiable appetite for all things shark? Here’s some of the best Lowcountry shark videos I could find:

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Will you marry me: Trident Tech nursing graduate gets a pin and a ring (Video)

Talk about a life-changing day.

You are LaToria Butts, celebrating the huge accomplishment of graduating nursing school at Trident Tech, when your fiance’ Brandon White steps on to the stage and calls your name … and then he drops to one knee …

What happens next? Watch it unfold here on YouTube:


Campus crushes: New Twitter fad part flattering, part creepy

A couple of the tweets are sweet: A secret admirer says a girl is gorgeous. A girl tells a boy he’s so funny and nice “and definitely boyfriend material.”

But by and large, the material on the new @CofCCrushes twitter account is way too raunchy to repeat here. And it’s all anonymous, except for the targets of the tweets who are either described in detail or named.

Some of the tweets are funny – and seemingly meant to be – and so far no one seems to have taken offense to being a target, no matter how creepy the tweet.

 The College of Charleston account has grown to 900 followers in about a week but it is not the first of its kind, not even in the state of South Carolina where there is already @USCCrushes 5,000+ followers; @ClemsonCrushes 2,800+ followers; and a @WoffordCrushes 260+ followers.

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Road rage video not Charleston driver’s first confrontation – or video – involving police

Chad Walton has been confronting officers – and videotaping those confrontations – long before his road rage video (above) went viral on YouTube this week.

You can also find him arguing with officers here, and here, and here.

Post and Courier reporter Natalie Caula also reported today that Walton filed a similar complaint against a North Charleston police officer a year ago but the department determined the complaint to be unfounded.

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CBS filming pilot for “Reckless” here in Charleston, using Facebook to cast extras

What if I told you CBS is filming a “sultry, legal show” about a gorgeous Yankee litigator and a Southern city attorney struggling to “hide their intense attraction while clashing over a police scandal”. Would you watch it?

What if I told you it’s set in Charleston?

Even better: the show is being filmed here and they’re looking for extras through a new Facebook page.

The Facebook page (876 likes as of this moment) discusses everything from how much extras are paid to who the actors will be. It’s run by the same people who cast for Army Wives, also filmed here in Charleston.

So far both the director and the lead actor are from the first Twilight movie so it’s subjective as to whether that bodes well for this show. I guess we’ll just have to tune in.

That’s a Clowny account, bro: Will the real Clowney Twitter account please stand up

Which of the above Twitter accounts belongs to South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney? None of them. Not even this next one, which has more than 51,000 followers. (Update as of 1/23/13: The account below has been suspended by Twitter.)

It’s actually the one below, as verified by teammate DJ Swearinger.

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Colbert’s Twitter campain for DeMint’s senate seat begins; Haley responds on Facebook

After hours of speculation Thursday, Stephen Colbert took to Twitter and his TV show that night to implore his fans to tweet Gov. Nikki Haley and tell her why she should select Colbert, a Charleston native, to replace U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint.

The social media savvy Colbert instructed fans to use the #SenatorColbert hashtag, which is literally getting dozens of responses every minute. There’s also a website with a Tweet to @NikkiHaley button, but I’m not sure that’s a verified site.

Gov. Haley responded this morning on her Facebook page, her social medium of choice.

Is Colbert “campaigning” on Twitter for DeMint’s senate seat?

The above tweet appeared this morning just hours after U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint announced he was leaving his position, igniting all sorts of gleeful reaction from his South Carolina fans. After all, Colbert rocked Charleston like a Hermain Cain about a year ago and “ran” for president a time or two, if that’s what you call what he does.

So it wouldn’t be a surprise if he started a campaign for U.S. Senate, even though the next senator will have to be appointed by S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley. So, is he or isn’t he?

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Christmas in Charleston through the Instagram lens

It’s a great time to live in Charleston: Christmas lights, lighted boats, 70-degree weather.

Well, unless you’re a terrified zoo giraffe.

But for the rest of us it’s an awfully fun time to walk around downtown and soak in the holiday spirit.

The Instagram app on your cell phone is a fun way to see what other people see. It also allows you to filter your own photos and share with everyone else.

I’ve collected several of your Instagram photos below of this weekend’s tree-lighting at Marion Square and the Charleston boat parade. Interestingly enough, there weren’t more terrified giraffe pics. (You can follow me on Instagram here.)

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