Video posted on YouTube appears to have been shot moments after Myrtle Beach triple-fatal shooting

Details are still trickling out about Saturday night’s triple shooting in front of a Myrtle Beach motel that left three Lowcountry residents dead. A fourth person was injured.

This uncensored, unconfirmed video posted on YouTube today that appears to have been shot in the moments just after the shooting. It has 26 views as of this posting.

UPDATE: A second video in which gunshots are audible has also been posted.

Warning: Language.

Charleston-area woman and her talking dog appear on Letterman’s ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’

Screen shot of Kirby Easler and Grabel appearing with David Letterman Tuesday.

Screen shot of Kirby Easler and Grabel appearing with David Letterman Tuesday.

Grabel is one lucky dog. The tiny Yorkie from St. Stephen South Carolina says the word his momma, Kirby Easler, taught him and, boom, he gets bacon.

Not only that,  the ‘tiny, little bird of a dog’ as David Letterman called him, appeared with Easler and the talk show host on ‘The Late Show’ Tuesday  as part of the ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’ segment.

Easler and Grabel on their first trip to New York in November.

Easler and Grabel on their first trip to New York in November.

“I guess that’s as big as he’s going to get” Letterman said peering down at the 9-year-old Grabel.

Easler, an acoustic guitarist and part-time book editor, said the journey began in October 2012 when the show had open ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’ auditions at Red’s Ice House on Shem Creek.

Grabel had been saying mama at an early age and she was able to teach him to say Obama, though she says the trick had nothing to do with politics.

She went to church that day, picked her dog up from home and did the trick. “He spoke right into the microphone,” she said.

They got a call back Continue reading

Quintin Washington gets close up with me


Last week, Quintin Washington invited me onto his YouTube program, Quintin’s Closeups. Quintin is a freelancer who in his spare time interviews local personalities. He does everything himself.

His interview with Mark Sanford a couple of weeks ago got a lot of attention after it appeared on Buzzfeed and other national sites.

Needless to say, my interview didn’t go viral but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.


Charleston trick shot is a SportsCenter Top 10 hopeful

Should this video showing 12-year-old Jackson Stebbins kicking a football into a basketball net appear on SportsCenter? Proud mom Ellen Stebbins from here in the Charleston area believes so.

Stebbins said her son, a soccer player who attends Moultrie Middle School, had been practicing the shot for about an hour Saturday when she went out to check on him. He said, “I’m going to get it in the net, I’m going to get it in the net.”

He gave his mom a hug, flipped the football and made the shot. “The power of a mom’s hug,” she said.

Stebbins is asking for your support to help Jackson’s video get some air time. You can retweet it below:

As of publication the video had 6 views. How many did it have when you watched it the first time?

Top 10 Charleston Socialscape posts of 2013 (because you probably missed them the first time)

Everyone else is doing a Top 10 list for the end of the year, so I thought it would be fun to do my own look back at some of the coolest moments from 2013.

As narcissistic as that sounds, it’s a sneaky way to get you to see some of these posts for the first time, given that for much of the year one would need a GPS to find the blog on Some of you might be shocked I actually have 10 total posts.

Anyway, take a trip back with the ghost of Socialscape’s past. Note: Click the links next to the numbers to see the original post.


10. Justin Bieber prank

Back before the Diane in 7A and all of the other hoaxes that trickled down our timelines this year, there was this tweet from Justin Bieber:


Actually, it wasn’t really from Bieber’s account. It was a joke done “just for fun” by the folks over at Bulldog Tours. It only added fuel to Continue reading

Are South Carolina drivers really that bad? This man has hours of video evidence that say yes

blogredlightIf a new report calling South Carolina drivers the second worst in the nation hasn’t convinced you how bad our drivers are, a YouTube channel has hours and hours of video evidence.

A South Carolina man, who goes by HaloMasterMind117, has been recording his extensive travels across the state using a dashboard camera for a couple of years. He edits them into entertaining videos of awful driving, happy music and his commentary.(“They only honk back when they know they’re wrong.”)

All of the videos, including ‘best of’ compilations, have nearly 1.2 million views, according Continue reading

Mascot massacre: Gamecock fans burn that tiger, Clemson fans bury Cocky


Screenshot from YouTube. Click the picture to see the video.

Illuminated cellphone screens lit up the night sky Monday night as University of South Carolina fans took torches to a nearly 30-foot-tall tiger as part of a tradition that dates back more than 100 years.

Watch the video as hundreds cheer when the head turns into a giant fireball and falls from its perch with perfect timing from the band as it plays 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Meanwhile, in Clemson, Tiger fans held a funeral – casket and all – for Cocky the Gamecocks mascot before lighting him on fire. I haven’t seen video yet from last night but here’s one from last year to give you an idea.

I also used Storify to show how both events played out on social media. See it here or give it a second while it loads below. Continue reading

Darius Rucker joins student on stage during Wando High School talent show

frankieI’m gonna work like I don’t need the money

I’m gonna laugh like I’m not afraid to cry

I’m gonna dance like nobody’s watching

I’m gonna love while I still got the time

‘While I still got the time’ – Darius Rucker

There was lots of laughing, dancing and love at the Wando High School talent show Wednesday night when Rucker joined 16-year-old Frankie Antonelli on stage during the student’s rendition of Rucker’s song.

The moment was especially touching because Antonelli has Down Syndrome. His mom Debbie, a woman’s basketball analyst who often appears on ESPN and other networks, tweeted that Frankie hasn’t let anything stop him. Continue reading