These #$@%ing snakes on #$@%ing Twitter: missing viper has multiple Twitter accounts

Authorities searching for a deadly Gaboon viper that reportedly vanished from a Mount Pleasant apartment complex Friday, need to look no further than Twitter to find him.

The venomous snake has four – yes, four – Twitter accounts vying for the public’s attention with biting humor. Update: Looks like we’re down to three after one of the earliest accounts, @Vinnie_Viper has disappeared. RIP Vinnie.

Which one is your favorite?

Post and Courier racks up a bunch of South Carolina Press Association Awards

excellenceThe Post and Courier collected 93 awards at the South Carolina Press Association Awards banquet on March 22, including Journalist of the Year and Photojournalist of the Year.

We won 34 first-place awards in all, including Best Facebook page and Best Use of Twitter. @postandcourier also took third place for Best Use of Twitter, wrapping up a good night for our social media team.

But rest assured you have an excellent newspaper, Charleston, as this was the eighth time in nine years that The Post and Courier finished first among the state’s largest newspapers.

Thank you for all of your support!

Channel 4 and the hunt for the missing dragon becomes a social media hit


Via Sam Tyson, ABC News 4

The folks at WCIV ABC News 4 were in for a cold-blooded surprise Friday after a 7-year-old Cub Scout, visiting the station for a tour, reportedly lost his pet bearded dragon he had smuggled in to the building unbeknownst to his parents.

Staff at the station didn’t learn of the disappearance until after the Scout returned home.

The news led to a hilarious series of events that started with freaked out tweets from staffers and, as of Saturday morning, continues with a clever social media campaign that includes live-streaming video from the newsroom in search of the little guy and his own Twitter account.

It’s also the No. 1 story on their Continue reading

Charleston woman mistaken for Taylor Swift, ‘Swifties’ circulate picture across Internet

It must be hard to be Taylor Swift. The global superstar can’t even walk along the street without a candid shot of her appearing on fan blogs and social media within minutes, igniting a flurry of tweets from excited “Swifties” determined to seek her out.

But wait. What if that’s not Taylor Swift? Continue reading