Charleston women search for Ryan Gosling after he’s reportedly seen downtown

Gosling and Rachel McAdams rehearse a dance for a scene for ""The Notebook"" on Friday, January 24, 2003. Post and Courier file photo.

Gosling and Rachel McAdams rehearse a scene for “The Notebook” on January 24, 2003. Post and Courier file photo.

If you saw a bunch of women marching around downtown Charleston today searching intently as if Ryan Gosling had been spotted well, it’s because Ryan Gosling was reportedly seen downtown.

The rumor first hit about 8 p.m. Thursday night after two or three people tweeted that they saw him at Hall’s Chophouse. Since then, even without any photographic proof, seemingly every young woman in Charleston is determined to live her ‘The Notebook’ fantasy.

I used Storify to document how the whole thing played out and, well, also because I think these tweets are hilarious. You can also see it below. By the way, if you do get a photo send it to

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Charleston Social Bites: Gator at the dog park? Gov Haley locked out and a good chance of rain

JIgatorDogs aren’t thegatorsign only creatures swimming around at the James Island County Dog Park.

As seen on, a user wrote that this gator tried to eat his pup at the dog park recently.

Bottom line: Just about any pool of water in the Lowcountry might be a temporary home for an alligator. Always be cautious. And read the signs.

Haley locked out

We’ve all been locked out of our houses at one point or another but apparently it’s big news when the governor locks herself out of the governor’s mansion. Continue reading

North Charleston Wild Wings video posted on YouTube

Someone posted a YouTube a video of security video that was allegedly from the North Charleston Wild Wings on the night a group of 25 people were kicked out.

The video is not the highest quality and comes with commentary from whomever shot it. Take a look for yourself and let me know if it changes your mind about what happened that night.

Update: The video has since been removed but has now popped up over here.

Random stuff while cruising the Internet:

On Monday we heard about a car fire that caused major traffic backups on Interstate 26, but this video shows how terrifying it was for the woman inside:

Finally, anyone want to buy Charleston School of Law off Craigslist? (Satire)

Shark Week, Charleston style: the best Lowcountry shark videos

By Steve Colman

By Steve Colman

Why are we so fascinated with sharks? Killer whales are smarter and a strong current is deadlier.

Yet, something about those menacing teeth and sleek fins cue the “Jaws” them in our head and make us click any time we see a new encounter.

It’s as if we forget they’re all around us until the moment they bump into us while we’re riding our surfboards or when they wash up on shore.

Heck, Mary Lee the Shark, tagged and named by Ocearch, only has to swim within 500 miles of Charleston and the entire region goes nuts.

But hey, who am I to argue with your insatiable appetite for all things shark? Here’s some of the best Lowcountry shark videos I could find:

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Friends grieve young Summerville woman’s death on social media

21-year-old Amanda Carey of Summerville died this morning following a wreck in Dorchester County. Her 21-year-old friend is charged with DUI.

Friends immediately took to Twitter and Facebook as word got out about the tragic wreck. I’ve used Storify to collect some of the posts below:

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The best downtown Charleston flooding images posted on social media in the last year

A woman empties her boot after wading past the Crosstown on Dec. 2, 2009. Andy Paras/

A woman empties her boot after wading past the Crosstown on Dec. 2, 2009.
Andy Paras/

When it pours it floods in Charleston. That’s just the way it is.

We all have our own way of dealing with it. Some of us will drive or trudge through the standing water while many simply sit and wait it out.

Others will strip down to their swimsuits and jump into the nearest puddle while a few paddle the streets in a kayak or even wakeboard behind a truck.

No matter what you choose, each downpour brings its own wave of entertaining photos on social media channels, especially Twitter and Instagram.

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Are you a Belieber? Justin Bieber sightings, fake rumors abound in Charleston

Justin Bieber performed in Columbia Monday night. It didn’t take long for the Justin-Bieber-is-in-Charleston rumors to begin. In fact, they got a lot of help from this fake tweet posted on Bulldog Tours’ Facebook page Tuesday morning:


The company finally admitted the hoax about 7 hours later:


By then, the Bieber ‘sightings’ were in full force.

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Alligators on Camaros, Kevin Spacey in flood water and other #$%#; you don’t normally see in Charleston


I really don’t know what to say about this, except it was reportedly photographed here in Charleston and posted on the Charleston subreddit.

And just to keep it bizarre, it was also witnessed by professional hockey goalie Mike McKenna in Hilton Head: Continue reading

Charleston tweetup: Beer, bowling, boiled nuts – and people you know from Twitter


#CHS Twitter is an active bunch. If there’s a wreck, a rainbow or a celebrity standing on King Street – y’all are tweeting about it.

The one thing we don’t do enough of is put our phones down for a little while and get to know one another.

Thanks to Kristin Meyers and the folks at The Alley we all have that chance Tuesday at the #chstweetup.

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Hanahan, police community say goodbye to K-9 Shadow

Hanahan Officer Travis Lanphere and Shadow

Hanahan Officer Travis Lanphere and Shadow via Twitter

When the Hanahan Police Department announced the death of police dog Shadow on Wednesday the community immediately took to Facebook and Twitter to remember and thank Shadow for his service.

The dog’s surprise death during a training exercise Tuesday night struck a chord with a lot of people, especially Shadow’s partner, Officer Travis Lanphere.



The outpouring of support was also clear from this picture, taken by the folks at of Wednesday morning’s funeral procession in honor of Shadow.


See more reaction in this Storify story here or after the jump (it might take a minute to load.)

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