Read this post. But first, let me take a #charlestonselfie

I try really hard to keep up with the local social media scene but current music? Not so much.

It’s safe to say I would have never heard the #Selfie song by The Chainsmokers – satirical commentary on our love for selfies – had the wife and kids not introduced me to it maybe a week ago to tease me about taking a selfie.

So I guess it’s no wonder I missed local superstar DJ extraordinaire DJ Natty Heavy’s April 1st spoof of the song which is hilariously set in Charleston.

The song hits all the right notes: Hootie and the Blowfish, Bill Murray, seersuckers, cobblestones, rickshaws – as well as many of the popular nightspots.

Big hat tip to Christian over at Holy City Sinner for introducing me to the track. I can’t stop listening to it.

James Bond’s Daniel Craig reportedly spied in Charleston

Click for link.

Click for link.

It might be Oscar night, but if Charleston social media is to be believed, the Holy City laid out the red carpet to ‘James Bond’ actor Daniel Craig and his wife, actress Rachel Weisz (‘Oz the Great and Powerful’) this weekend.

What proof is there? Good question. We should always be suspicious of what we read on social media – like that time people actually drove all the way to Rita’s on Folly Beach because a couple of women reported seeing Channing Tatum there (Hint: It wasn’t Channing Tatum).

And there was that time a local tour company pretended it was Justin Bieber.

The main source of the Daniel Craig report appears to be staff at The Macintosh, including restaurantuer Steve Palmer. Though I’ve since found posts on Facebook indicating they ate at Halls Chophouse Saturday night and also Muse today.

Someone even posted his Macintosh receipt on Instagram and Twitter but as so far no Continue reading

Charleston trick shot is a SportsCenter Top 10 hopeful

Should this video showing 12-year-old Jackson Stebbins kicking a football into a basketball net appear on SportsCenter? Proud mom Ellen Stebbins from here in the Charleston area believes so.

Stebbins said her son, a soccer player who attends Moultrie Middle School, had been practicing the shot for about an hour Saturday when she went out to check on him. He said, “I’m going to get it in the net, I’m going to get it in the net.”

He gave his mom a hug, flipped the football and made the shot. “The power of a mom’s hug,” she said.

Stebbins is asking for your support to help Jackson’s video get some air time. You can retweet it below:

As of publication the video had 6 views. How many did it have when you watched it the first time?

Charleston in Pictures: Whose pictures are they?

Some people were pretty angry with The Post and Courier this week because the newspaper asked a Facebook page to take down several Post and Courier photos that were posted without permission or credit.

The Facebook page, Charleston in Pictures, took down the photos upon the newspaper’s request and initially said it was going to delete the page (which was not part of the request). Now it’s encouraging people to people are expressing their anger with The Post and Courier and some people are reportedly canceling their subscriptions over the issue.

I suppose it’s easy for the newspaper to look like the big, bad bully in this case but the copyright laws are there for a reason and they benefit everyone. There are also ways for Facebook pages like Charleston In Pictures to exist and prosper without violating the laws.

But first, why should we adhere to the law? Continue reading

Rolling blackouts, frozen fountains: Coldapocalypse hits Charleston

zoellerfountainRolling blackouts, schools without power, frozen fountains.

It was a surreal day in the Lowcountry Tuesday.

See what it looked like through social media and how people responded to not having any power.

P.S. We’re also building a reader gallery over at the mothership.

If you have a photo you want to be included please send it to Continue reading

Top 10 Charleston Socialscape posts of 2013 (because you probably missed them the first time)

Everyone else is doing a Top 10 list for the end of the year, so I thought it would be fun to do my own look back at some of the coolest moments from 2013.

As narcissistic as that sounds, it’s a sneaky way to get you to see some of these posts for the first time, given that for much of the year one would need a GPS to find the blog on Some of you might be shocked I actually have 10 total posts.

Anyway, take a trip back with the ghost of Socialscape’s past. Note: Click the links next to the numbers to see the original post.


10. Justin Bieber prank

Back before the Diane in 7A and all of the other hoaxes that trickled down our timelines this year, there was this tweet from Justin Bieber:


Actually, it wasn’t really from Bieber’s account. It was a joke done “just for fun” by the folks over at Bulldog Tours. It only added fuel to Continue reading

‘Haters gon hate’ – TV reporters use press access to ‘beat the crowds’ at store’s grand opening

haleyhernandezWhile hundreds of people waited outside the new H&M store on King Street Thursday – some started waiting as early as 4:30 a.m. – local reporters covering the grand opening meaghanwallacewere getting a sneak peek at the deals inside during a press-only function.

A couple were also taking advantage of the deals, using their jobs as reporters to ‘beat the crowds.’ One of them wasn’t even on the clock at the time

How do we know? They tweeted about it.

“Haters gon hate,” tweeted WCBD Channel 2′s Haley Hernandez.

“I indulged,” tweeted WCSC Channel 5′s Meaghan Wallace.

A few journalists who saw the tweets told me they were shocked that not only would reporters use their access to get first crack at the deals but that they would brag about it on social media.

Hernandez and Wallace confirmed Continue reading

Your weekly Charleston Instagram photos – first edition

Welcome to the first edition of our Charleston Instagram photo gallery. megweatherly

Last week we asked you to tag your Instagram photos with #postandcourier and many of you stepped up. You also tagged some of your best stories from the year, which has inspired me to create another gallery for the Best of 2013 pics. If you have more send them along.

Anyway, here’s Week 1. This is a good opportunity to not only like someone else’s pic but follow them to create a community.

Last week we asked you to start tagging your Charleston and Lowcountry pics with #postandcourier Continue reading

‘Was that an earthquake’? – Reports of shaking rattle Charleston social media

Thursday Update: I’ve been monitoring the U.S. Geological Survey overnight and there’s no sign of an earthquake in the Charleston region, not even a tiny one.


Last week there were reports of loud booms. Tonight, reports of shaking from Sullivan’s Island to James Island – many within seconds of each other – has the Charleston social media scene rattled.

We’re waiting to hear from the U.S. Geological Survey – earthquakes aren’t uncommon Continue reading

‘Seneca Guns’ strike again? Residents report mysterious booms off James Island

It happens at least once a year: Residents along the coast report hearing and feeling booms that rattle their windows and shake their walls. The media investigates, calling local seismologists and the Air Force asking if they might know the source of the explosion and – nothing.

Everyone shrugs their shoulders and mutters “Seneca Guns”, an unexplained Continue reading