More ice than you can fit in your tea: Charleston via Instagram

Via @liquidmatrixity, click for link.

Via Mary Catherine James click for link.

I’m sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since I last put together a (supposedly) weekly Instagram gallery.

As you know we had a little bit of ice a week ago that caused a bit of a mess.

I’m going to ignore the fact that no one seemed to notice the gallery’s absence and take solace in all of the great photos tagged with #postandcourier.

Another strong week with, believe it or not, quite a few ice shots you might not have seen yet, like this leaf photo from Mary Catherine James.

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Last week’s Charleston Instagram photos: The calm before the winter storm

Via Mark Swick.

Via Mark Swick.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about snow. Ice.

Frozen fountains. Snow-covered palmetto trees. Kids beaming each other with snowballs.

Photo ops.

I totally get you. But the winter weather isn’t here yet, so sit back and enjoy some great photos from the last week.

We’ve got a pretty good mixture of skyporn, architecture and even some human-made snow.

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Icy fountains to cool rainbows – this week on Charleston Instagram

fountainWhat a long, strange week it’s been. Frigid temps, incredible sunsets, crazy clouds and, just to cap things off, a rainbow Thursday.

Combine that with the beaches and classic Charleston architecture it was a picturesque week.

Thanks everyone for participating this week.

Keep tagging your pics with #postandcourier and tell your friends.

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If it walks like a duck, it must be time for the weekly Charleston Instagram photo gallery

Via @el_cliente

Via @el_cliente

Lots of great stuff this week: a duck on a leash, obscure Charleston architecture and Lowcountry skies.

Speaking of skies, this week’s weekly photo assignment (in which we pick a pic to run in the newspaper every Saturday) is Lowcountry clouds. Send your best #skyporn pic to by noon Tuesday (Jan. 7).

Finally, we have a new Instagram hashtag for you foodies (I’m guessing they don’t want my Shoney’s pics). The hashtag is #firstbitechs. Food writer Hanna Raskin has the details on her blog.

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Your best #Charleston Instagram photos – Christmas week 2013

By Paul Zoeller, pzoeller on Instagram.

By Paul Zoeller, pzoeller on Instagram.

I’m not actually working today but I admit I’m having a lot of fun putting these galleries together.

There are lots of great shots from all over Charleston during what the song says is the most wonderful time of the year. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

See this week’s slideshow here, or go to the list below.

Also, word is spreading about tagging photos with #postandcourier, which means we’re seeing a lot more photos.

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Charleston 2013 – as viewed through your Instagram photos


A big thank you to everyone who tagged their Instagram photos with #postandcourier these past couple of weeks.

We’ve compiled an excellent list of Charleston photos for our new weekly feature and now an outstanding gallery from 2013.

Obviously there are thousands of great local photos that aren’t on here but start tagging and telling your friends so we’ll have an even more comprehensive list for 2014.

Which is your Continue reading