Ravalanche, Cantore’s knee and 5 other things we’ll remember about frozen Charleston 2014

It was a week we will all remember for a long time.

Here’s my list of the Top 7 most memorable events from Charleston on Ice. What would you change?

By Brad Nettles/postandcourier.com

By Brad Nettles/postandcourier.com

7. It was visually stunning

When we weren’t complaining about the havoc the ice was causing on our roads and bridges we were actually enjoying the view.

The Post and Courier received more than 300 photos from readers and posted dozens more from our staff photographers.

And if you didn’t already see Matthew Ingram’s drone video on The Weather Channel, check it out below, set to music:


6. Person falls on live television

This South Carolina Department of Transportation video, which also made the rounds as a Vine, was broadcast during a live broadcast on WCBD Channel 2. That’s anchor Brad Franko reacting and making sure the person got help.


5. @MountPleasantPD provides updates via Twitter

The Mount Pleasant Police Department was the first Lowcountry law enforcement agency to use Twitter on a consistent basis and, while they’ve been doing it for years now, the account was Continue reading

Charleston in Pictures: Whose pictures are they?

Some people were pretty angry with The Post and Courier this week because the newspaper asked a Facebook page to take down several Post and Courier photos that were posted without permission or credit.

The Facebook page, Charleston in Pictures, took down the photos upon the newspaper’s request and initially said it was going to delete the page (which was not part of the request). Now it’s encouraging people to people are expressing their anger with The Post and Courier and some people are reportedly canceling their subscriptions over the issue.

I suppose it’s easy for the newspaper to look like the big, bad bully in this case but the copyright laws are there for a reason and they benefit everyone. There are also ways for Facebook pages like Charleston In Pictures to exist and prosper without violating the laws.

But first, why should we adhere to the law? Continue reading

‘Haters gon hate’ – TV reporters use press access to ‘beat the crowds’ at store’s grand opening

haleyhernandezWhile hundreds of people waited outside the new H&M store on King Street Thursday – some started waiting as early as 4:30 a.m. – local reporters covering the grand opening meaghanwallacewere getting a sneak peek at the deals inside during a press-only function.

A couple were also taking advantage of the deals, using their jobs as reporters to ‘beat the crowds.’ One of them wasn’t even on the clock at the time

How do we know? They tweeted about it.

“Haters gon hate,” tweeted WCBD Channel 2′s Haley Hernandez.

“I indulged,” tweeted WCSC Channel 5′s Meaghan Wallace.

A few journalists who saw the tweets told me they were shocked that not only would reporters use their access to get first crack at the deals but that they would brag about it on social media.

Hernandez and Wallace confirmed Continue reading

When social media breaks badly – anchor’s tweet backfires


Philadelphia news anchor Joyce Evans quickly found herself the subject of ridicule and animosity Sunday night after she posted the above Tweet comparing a shooting that left six wounded to the television show “Breaking Bad.”

See the Storify below to follow the immediate negative reaction and how she tried to handle it, by telling people they didn’t get the point.

It would have probably been best to apologize and let it die as now the reaction is Continue reading

Do you want journalists to be reporters or advocates?

WCBD-News 2 reporter Rebecca Ryan Collett posted this publicly on her Facebook page today in reference to the controversial custody dispute over Baby Veronica.


While most of the comments among her Facebook friends was positive, media blogger Jim Romenesko pointed out that one reader told her to ‘just report.’ Make sure you read the comments on that post.

Update: Rebecca later explained her post a little bit more on Twitter: Continue reading

North Charleston Wild Wings video posted on YouTube

Someone posted a YouTube a video of security video that was allegedly from the North Charleston Wild Wings on the night a group of 25 people were kicked out.

The video is not the highest quality and comes with commentary from whomever shot it. Take a look for yourself and let me know if it changes your mind about what happened that night.

Update: The video has since been removed but has now popped up over here.

Random stuff while cruising the Internet:

On Monday we heard about a car fire that caused major traffic backups on Interstate 26, but this video shows how terrifying it was for the woman inside:

Finally, anyone want to buy Charleston School of Law off Craigslist? (Satire)

Using social media to track breaking news in Charleston

A chase, a wreck, a manhunt. That was the scene on Ladson Road near North Charleston today.

I found out about it within minutes not because the police released information or because I saw it on a news site, but because several people tweeted about it.

That’s the world we live in now: even journalists lean on social media sites to help track and report stories because news travels so fast. If you’ve been following the Ladson Road story you’ll notice that the questions about what happened outnumbered the answers.

A journalist wants to answer your questions as accurately as possible, even if police aren’t ready to release information, so you can decide what route home to take or whether you should take shelter.

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On ice: Stanley Cup finals goes 3 OTs before anchors can go on air

When Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks finally ended at 1 a.m. Thursday – after 3 overtimes – the jobs of many journalists, especially those with the NBC affiliates, were just getting started

I put together a Storify story below showing how those anchors and reporters managed to keep themselves busy while they waited two hours for someone – anyone – to score.

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North Charleston, Charleston Fashion Week make national headlines

North Charleston, the third largest city in South Carolina, is often over-shadowed by Charleston when it comes to the national press.

It’s not uncommon to see publications drop the “North” from in front of Charleston when talking about Boeing or events playing at the North Charleston Coliseum.

That’s why it was neat to see the city and its people and food get some much-deserved attention in The New York Times this weekend.

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Road rage video not Charleston driver’s first confrontation – or video – involving police

Chad Walton has been confronting officers – and videotaping those confrontations – long before his road rage video (above) went viral on YouTube this week.

You can also find him arguing with officers here, and here, and here.

Post and Courier reporter Natalie Caula also reported today that Walton filed a similar complaint against a North Charleston police officer a year ago but the department determined the complaint to be unfounded.

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