Ravalanche, Cantore’s knee and 5 other things we’ll remember about frozen Charleston 2014

It was a week we will all remember for a long time.

Here’s my list of the Top 7 most memorable events from Charleston on Ice. What would you change?

By Brad Nettles/postandcourier.com

By Brad Nettles/postandcourier.com

7. It was visually stunning

When we weren’t complaining about the havoc the ice was causing on our roads and bridges we were actually enjoying the view.

The Post and Courier received more than 300 photos from readers and posted dozens more from our staff photographers.

And if you didn’t already see Matthew Ingram’s drone video on The Weather Channel, check it out below, set to music:


6. Person falls on live television

This South Carolina Department of Transportation video, which also made the rounds as a Vine, was broadcast during a live broadcast on WCBD Channel 2. That’s anchor Brad Franko reacting and making sure the person got help.


5. @MountPleasantPD provides updates via Twitter

The Mount Pleasant Police Department was the first Lowcountry law enforcement agency to use Twitter on a consistent basis and, while they’ve been doing it for years now, the account was Continue reading

Charleston social media reacts to rickshaw sting; #WarOnTouror becomes a thing


By Wade Spees/postandcourier.com

The #WarOnTouror has arrived, according to Twitter.

The hashtag popped up not long after Schuyler Kropf at The Post and Courier broke the story about the Charleston police sting that resulted in one rickshaw driver getting a $1K ticket.

The snark only continued from there as you can see on the Storify I created (Slideshow version here).

There was also a lot of incredulous reactions on The Post and Courier’s Facebook page. I’ve included some of those, too.

Update 1: Credit for coining the phrase goes to Jared Smith.

Update 2: A tour guide responds in a Continue reading

Top 10 Charleston Socialscape posts of 2013 (because you probably missed them the first time)

Everyone else is doing a Top 10 list for the end of the year, so I thought it would be fun to do my own look back at some of the coolest moments from 2013.

As narcissistic as that sounds, it’s a sneaky way to get you to see some of these posts for the first time, given that for much of the year one would need a GPS to find the blog on postandcourier.com. Some of you might be shocked I actually have 10 total posts.

Anyway, take a trip back with the ghost of Socialscape’s past. Note: Click the links next to the numbers to see the original post.


10. Justin Bieber prank

Back before the Diane in 7A and all of the other hoaxes that trickled down our timelines this year, there was this tweet from Justin Bieber:


Actually, it wasn’t really from Bieber’s account. It was a joke done “just for fun” by the folks over at Bulldog Tours. It only added fuel to Continue reading

Do you want journalists to be reporters or advocates?

WCBD-News 2 reporter Rebecca Ryan Collett posted this publicly on her Facebook page today in reference to the controversial custody dispute over Baby Veronica.


While most of the comments among her Facebook friends was positive, media blogger Jim Romenesko pointed out that one reader told her to ‘just report.’ Make sure you read the comments on that post.

Update: Rebecca later explained her post a little bit more on Twitter: Continue reading

Upper Deck Tavern uses social media to nab vandals

It was just before closing time at the Upper Deck Tavern early Sunday when, according to a police report, a woman grabbed a fire extinguisher and set it off in the tavern as she and a friend went down the steps and out the door.

Staff immediately checked their security footage and while they thought they knew who the woman was, they didn’t recognize the accomplice, according to the police report they filed.

Tavern owner Ken Newman posted their pictures on Facebook just hours after it happened, along with a plea for his friends to help identify the women. Continue reading

Charleston Social Bites: Gator at the dog park? Gov Haley locked out and a good chance of rain

JIgatorDogs aren’t thegatorsign only creatures swimming around at the James Island County Dog Park.

As seen on reddit.com/r/charleston, a user wrote that this gator tried to eat his pup at the dog park recently.

Bottom line: Just about any pool of water in the Lowcountry might be a temporary home for an alligator. Always be cautious. And read the signs.

Haley locked out

We’ve all been locked out of our houses at one point or another but apparently it’s big news when the governor locks herself out of the governor’s mansion. Continue reading

North Charleston Wild Wings video posted on YouTube

Someone posted a YouTube a video of security video that was allegedly from the North Charleston Wild Wings on the night a group of 25 people were kicked out.

The video is not the highest quality and comes with commentary from whomever shot it. Take a look for yourself and let me know if it changes your mind about what happened that night.

Update: The video has since been removed but has now popped up over here.

Random stuff while cruising the Internet:

On Monday we heard about a car fire that caused major traffic backups on Interstate 26, but this video shows how terrifying it was for the woman inside:

Finally, anyone want to buy Charleston School of Law off Craigslist? (Satire)

Shark Week, Charleston style: the best Lowcountry shark videos

By Steve Colman

By Steve Colman

Why are we so fascinated with sharks? Killer whales are smarter and a strong current is deadlier.

Yet, something about those menacing teeth and sleek fins cue the “Jaws” them in our head and make us click any time we see a new encounter.

It’s as if we forget they’re all around us until the moment they¬†bump into us while we’re riding our surfboards or when they wash up on shore.

Heck, Mary Lee the Shark, tagged and named by Ocearch, only has to swim within 500 miles of Charleston and the entire region goes nuts.

But hey, who am I to argue with your insatiable appetite for all things shark? Here’s some of the best Lowcountry shark videos I could find:

Continue reading

Friends grieve young Summerville woman’s death on social media

21-year-old Amanda Carey of Summerville died this morning following a wreck in Dorchester County. Her 21-year-old friend is charged with DUI.

Friends immediately took to Twitter and Facebook as word got out about the tragic wreck. I’ve used Storify to collect some of the posts below:

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The best downtown Charleston flooding images posted on social media in the last year

A woman empties her boot after wading past the Crosstown on Dec. 2, 2009. Andy Paras/postandcourier.com

A woman empties her boot after wading past the Crosstown on Dec. 2, 2009.
Andy Paras/postandcourier.com

When it pours it floods in Charleston. That’s just the way it is.

We all have our own way of dealing with it. Some of us will drive or trudge through the standing water while many simply sit and wait it out.

Others will strip down to their swimsuits and jump into the nearest puddle while a few paddle the streets in a kayak or even wakeboard behind a truck.

No matter what you choose, each downpour brings its own wave of entertaining photos on social media channels, especially Twitter and Instagram.

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