Myrtle Beach deaths: Fighting, gunshots heard on Youtube video

Another unedited, unconfirmed video of the Myrtle Beach fatal shootings has surfaced on YouTube. This one appears to show fighting among several people and then you can hear very loud gunshots.

Earlier I posted another graphic video that appears to have been recorded in the moments just after the shooting.

You can see it below:

Warning: Both videos have graphic content.

13 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach deaths: Fighting, gunshots heard on Youtube video

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  3. I just don’t understand why ppl go out of town to show there ass.. And kill ppl or each other .. Guns don’t solve the problem it add to it .. Y’all act so stupid at the Beach .. kids and Family’s do attend BBW as well .. glad I raised some awesome children .

    This is awful and ppl wanna know why the BBW is so strict ..Here you go!!!

    South Carolina and all states need to stop the violence …

  4. Well……. ok, just getting ready to send my youngest daughter to Myrtle Beach for her Graduation gift. All seniors go to what is called Senior Week at Myrtle Beach after graduation. After seeing the article and watching the video on this shooting i think now My Husband and Myself will be attending this Senior Week with my daughter and her friends. I hate to have to shelter my daughter at such a time. But, what else is a parent suppose to do when you have such irresponsible iddiots like this showing up at a family atomsphere!! What has this world come to??? Scares me to death to think i would be sending my daughter alone with such a violent iccedent happening just one week before she is to leave!! It’s always one or two bad apples that have to ruin it for EVERYONE! Better to be safe than sorry! Such innocent people have to pay the price for the NO Morals, NO VALUES, NO RESPECT, that has started to RUIN this country!!!!

    • I live here and trust me its not like this the rest of the time. Only black bike when they come down and we all go out of town

    • Wendy, this is not typical of Myrtle Beach. Thsi is normal during Atlantic Bike week. That week always seems to have more violence. Shops close during thisntime, because of the people it brings to town.

    • Wendy I am African American and I am from the area. I don’t live there now but grew up around MB. I visit often and in fact I have timeshare. I do not attend BBW because of the violence. When I was younger I would go every summer but the violence during BW has grown over the years. I assure you MB is not like this any other bike week. It saddens me that my people can’t get along and have fun without violence! I would suggest you and your husband get a room at the hotel with your daughter but not follow her around senior week. Let’s face it we were all teens and didn’t like out parents following us around. Truth be told the world is a dangerous place no matter where you go. I wish your daughter a safe & fun senior week!

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  6. Thanks to You Fellow Citizens of Myrtle Beach!!! The replies you have sent have made me feel alot better! Its just a shame like i said that there are a few that have to ruin such a family, fun time for all the rest! To all of you that live in the area, I wish you peace when it comes to the Bike Week. Maybe if enough shops close for the week then the city of Myrtle will take notice and do SOMETHING about this crime week! Thanks for your response!

  7. Wendy, I hate to break it to you, but, there’s crime EVERYWHERE. So, you may want to follow your daughter everywhere she goes. None of us are truly safe at any given moment will all of the random acts of violets that occur on a daily basis. It does not matter race, occasion, etc. We have everyone from rich white men and women to poor people of various races and ethnicities committing crimes. Let’s not just pay attention to one aspect here. Natalie Holloway went away to Aruba for Senior week and was murdered and her body disposed of by a white man who came from a well to so family. You cannot protect your daughter from everything unfortunately.