Millions of dollars being given away on Twitter: Too good to be true, right? Yes

kucz3Hey guys, I recently came across millions of dollars! RT and follow me on Twitter and I’ll give each of you a grand!

That’s the latest hoax going on around Twitter and thousands upon thousands of Twitter users are falling for it.

The hoaxsters appear to be using fake Paypal screenshots to make it look legitimate. Creating a fake Paypal screenshot is nothing new and instructions on creating your own are available all over the Internet.

Then you get a couple of friends to say you sent them $1K and – Ta-Da – you’ve got 50,000 new followers.

At least in Andrew Kucyzinski‘s case, it appears he left clues to his hoax. (He hasn’t responded to tweets indicating it’s a hoax).


Another account captured the attention of Kelly Oxford and Buzzfeed last night as it claimed to be giving away millions of her father’s money.

Follow along in the Storify story.

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