New York subway riders aren’t pleased with ‘Southern Charm’ – welcome to the club, you guys

Bravo’s new TV show ‘Southern Charm’ hasn’t even premiered yet and it’s already considered an embarrassment by many Charleston residents who are not part of the ‘small, ruling entrenched minority of very established old families in Charleston’ the show claims to portray.

If somehow you haven’t heard of it, the  most notable cast members are former S.C. Treasurer Thomas Ravenel who left office amidst a federal cocaine conviction and Cameran from 2004′s Real World San Diego (even though she’s from the other side of the state.)

Anyway, it was bad enough when the show was our private shame, but as it gets closer to its official release date – March 3 – we’re now getting a feeling for what the national backlash will be like.

Apparently the ‘Southern Charm’ ads have recently hit the New York subway and they’ve already spawned not one but two blogs and some tweets by New Yorkers who are already disgusted Continue reading

Ice in South Carolina: the gifs that keep on giving

sleddingSouth Carolina isn’t used to harsh winter weather conditions so when most of it is, say, covered with a sheet of ice for a couple of days the results can range from the funny to the absurd to the dangerous.

Here’s a look back at all three, otherwise known as that blog post in which Andy played with

The dangerous:

Mount Pleasant and Charleston officials closed the Ravenel Bridge again last week mainly in large part because of this from two weeks earlier:

Ice on bridge on Make A Gif

and this:

icefallbridge on Make A Gif

and this:

bridgefall on Make A Gif

As of Sunday, more Continue reading

More ice than you can fit in your tea: Charleston via Instagram

Via @liquidmatrixity, click for link.

Via Mary Catherine James click for link.

I’m sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since I last put together a (supposedly) weekly Instagram gallery.

As you know we had a little bit of ice a week ago that caused a bit of a mess.

I’m going to ignore the fact that no one seemed to notice the gallery’s absence and take solace in all of the great photos tagged with #postandcourier.

Another strong week with, believe it or not, quite a few ice shots you might not have seen yet, like this leaf photo from Mary Catherine James.

I put those toward the bottom of this week’s Storify so we can go back to thinking warm Continue reading

Charleston’s Darius Rucker uses Twitter to respond to fans, critics

Post and Courier file

When he’s not singing, Darius Rucker is often tweeting. Post and Courier/file.

Following celebrities on Twitter is usually a one-way street. Not only do they rarely follow you back, you’re lucky to ever get a response.

Take Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, for instance: 90 million followers between them and most of their tweets range from self-promotion to mundane.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see celebrities like Charleston’s own Darius Rucker take the time to respond to both fans and critics on Twitter, as he did Saturday.

Rucker let loose some fun facts you might not have already known, such as: he never signs autographs with ‘Hootie’, his golf handicap is a 6.9 and his favorite winter sport is curling. You can also find out what happens if a woman throws her panties at him while he’s on stage.

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Ravalanche, Cantore’s knee and 5 other things we’ll remember about frozen Charleston 2014

It was a week we will all remember for a long time.

Here’s my list of the Top 7 most memorable events from Charleston on Ice. What would you change?

By Brad Nettles/

By Brad Nettles/

7. It was visually stunning

When we weren’t complaining about the havoc the ice was causing on our roads and bridges we were actually enjoying the view.

The Post and Courier received more than 300 photos from readers and posted dozens more from our staff photographers.

And if you didn’t already see Matthew Ingram’s drone video on The Weather Channel, check it out below, set to music:


6. Person falls on live television

This South Carolina Department of Transportation video, which also made the rounds as a Vine, was broadcast during a live broadcast on WCBD Channel 2. That’s anchor Brad Franko reacting and making sure the person got help.


5. @MountPleasantPD provides updates via Twitter

The Mount Pleasant Police Department was the first Lowcountry law enforcement agency to use Twitter on a consistent basis and, while they’ve been doing it for years now, the account was Continue reading

Ravenel Bridge blocked – A short history as told through social media

By Wade Spees/

By Wade Spees/

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is kind of like the power at your house. You don’t realize how much the Lowcountry relies on it until it’s shut off.

Since it opened in 2005, the Ravenel Bridge has been closed for extended periods of time only a handful of times.We’ve seen it most recently with the ice and #Ravalanche falling ice situations last week.

With the rise of social media over that same span, each of the incidents has been pretty well documented as people use it to seek and pass along information. For old time’s sake, here’s a look back at the previous high-profile bridge closings:

On Friday, police say Phillip DeClemente fled from a traffic stop and later called police to tell them he was waiting to surrender on the Ravenel Bridge – the same spot in which he led a with police nearly two years earlier. The original Storify story about it was viewed more than 140,000 times.

The bridge was blocked again for several hours seven months ago when police say another man threatened suicide. The incident pretty much shut down the town of Mount Pleasant for the duration, as you can see here. The incident also led to this now famous picture from Post and Courier photographer Grace Beahm Continue reading