Charleston social media reacts to rickshaw sting; #WarOnTouror becomes a thing


By Wade Spees/

The #WarOnTouror has arrived, according to Twitter.

The hashtag popped up not long after Schuyler Kropf at The Post and Courier broke the story about the Charleston police sting that resulted in one rickshaw driver getting a $1K ticket.

The snark only continued from there as you can see on the Storify I created (Slideshow version here).

There was also a lot of incredulous reactions on The Post and Courier’s Facebook page. I’ve included some of those, too.

Update 1: Credit for coining the phrase goes to Jared Smith.

Update 2: A tour guide responds in a blog.

5 thoughts on “Charleston social media reacts to rickshaw sting; #WarOnTouror becomes a thing

  1. If I’m in a new city, take a rickshaw ride, and ask the driver a question like, “What is that great building over there?” he would come across as quite rude, if he refused to answer. What kind of impression of that city would that leave with a tourist? Not a good one! How do the police expect those young people to respond? Maybe they can tell the visitors to call the mayor, and ask him their question?

  2. Did the rickshaw driver actually take the undercover officer for a ride? Did the officer pay for the ride, if it was given or did the driver only receive a ticket? If no payment was given for service, can CHP be sued criminally and civially under defrauding an innkeeper laws?

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