Are South Carolina drivers really that bad? This man has hours of video evidence that say yes

blogredlightIf a new report calling South Carolina drivers the second worst in the nation hasn’t convinced you how bad our drivers are, a YouTube channel has hours and hours of video evidence.

A South Carolina man, who goes by HaloMasterMind117, has been recording his extensive travels across the state using a dashboard camera for a couple of years. He edits them into entertaining videos of awful driving, happy music and his commentary.(“They only honk back when they know they’re wrong.”)

All of the videos, including ‘best of’ compilations, have nearly 1.2 million views, according to his YouTube page. I’m still trying to reach out to HaloMasterMind117 but here’s what his bio says on his YouTube about page:

This is a channel devoted to exposing bad drivers. I also try to use it for educational purposes on driving safety.

 I have lived in both New York City and Los Angeles, each for about 4 years, so please do not tell me that I should visit there.

Here are a few of his many, many videos:


A reader just pointed out I was accidentally lumping in another channel’s Lowcountry videos with those above. I’m very sorry for the mistake. It also appears many of the negative comments below were focused more on the Lowcountry videos. Find them here:



13 thoughts on “Are South Carolina drivers really that bad? This man has hours of video evidence that say yes

  1. Did anyone else notice when this guy, recording, got upset, he gunned his own car, even in the neighborhood!

    • Yep, first thing I noticed… He was just as incautious in several situations and the people he was complaining about. I suppose that just reinforces his point…

  2. I’d be more impressed with the videographer if he wasn’t breaking the law as well. In the first video, at about 4:10, he goes through an intersection while the light is turning red. According to SC traffic laws, the yellow light is not a “countdown clock”. It’s a warning to stop because the light is turning red. In most courts, if your car is under the traffic light when it turns red, you are found guilty of running the light. However, in Charleston, it’s against the law to run a yellow light. Again, the logic behind this is that you are expected to anticipate that the light ahead will turn yellow, followed very shortly by red. If you go through the intersection and the light has already turned yellow, you are not driving safely and should be ticketed. To HaloMasterMind117: “People who live in glass houses….”

    • Understood, but you don’t know (because there is no camera) what the car behind the driver is doing. A few times I’ve had to make a decision to go through a yellow light because the person behind me is tailgating. The choice then is to go through the yellow light or be hit from behind.

    • Haha, I was thinking the very same thing. Plus it really felt like he was speeding up when people crossed in front of him just so he could comment. I’m not saying SC doesn’t have its fair share of poor drivers, but as you said, People in glass houses.

    • The rule you learn here in Charleston is; before starting on a green light count 3.


      3 cars will run the red light.

      Counted 32 red light runners from Dec. 9-14 at Sam Rittenberg amd Ashley River Rd.

      Most going south toward downtown

    • Well, to the people speaking of me (HaloMasterMind117) from these video, I’m glad I admit my own mistakes in my video, so am therefore not a hypocrite, nor have I ever had a true case of “road rage” :)

      I honestly laugh nearly every single situation off.

      Furthermore, nice article and thank you to the creator!

  3. Finally, someone who understands how aggravating it is to drive around here! SC drivers are dangerous and inattentive.

  4. This videogrpher has a bad case of “road rage”. I don’t think that makes him any better than the poor drivers. Road Rage shows lack of control. I don’t give him any points for safe driving or politeness. Also, looks like most of this was shot in Summerville (recognize some of the areas).

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