Before I die I want to: Charleston chalkboard transcends chalk, social media


Ashley Bell

It started as a class assignment and evolved into something more.

College of Charleston students Ashley Bell and Kristin Angles were given a two-week challenge as part of their communication class.

Inspired by this TED Talk, they woke up early on the morning of Friday, Oct. 17 and used chalk on a temporary black wall at King and Mary streets to pose a question: “Before I die I want to …”

They drew lines on the wall for people to fill in their answers with chalk they left at the wall.

Bell said she’s in awe of the heartfelt response they received.

You can watch it all unfold on their YouTube video:

Wisely, they also encouraged people to use #chschalkboard when posting their pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

They did. As you can also see below.

What grade do you think they should get?