Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines still speaking her mind 10 years later


My first and only article for Rolling Stone. No link, though. Anyone who says the Internet is forever never tried to find a link from 10 years ago. Update! Link found. Click on the pic.

I was a reporter for The Greenville News 10 years ago when the Dixie Chicks came to town for their first U.S. concert since lead singer Natalie Maines told a London audience: “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

It may not seem like much now since it’s apparently become OK to insult the president here, there and everywhere but at the time, as war loomed with Iraq, it really offended many in the patriotic country music audience. Radio stations stopped playing their music. People drove heavy machinery over piles of their CDS (those things before MP3 players).

The atmosphere was crazy in Greenville as “fans” protested outside what was the Bil-Lo Arena for days and the band was in hiding because their lives had been threatened.

Myself and members of the media from all over the world were there to listen to what the chicksETprotesters said as the band itself steered clear, except to appear nude on Entertainment Weekly that very same week to protest censorship.

Many critics predicted they’d be booed off the stage but 15,000 true fans were in the audience and drowned out any boos.

“If you’re here to boo we welcome that because we welcome freedom of speech,” Maines told the crowd.

Apparently there were some boo birds in the crowd at Southern Ground Saturday night, according to Taylor Hutchcraft, who tweeted Maines was ‘flipping amazing.’


Maines apparently didn’t enjoy the reception she got this time around. See her tweets below. 855673 nataliemainesTHIStwit(Editor’s note: I intentionally cut off a curse word in her bottom tweet. Not trying to censor. Just keeping it family-friendly.)

So what do you think of the ordeal? Have you forgiven her? Should she forgive South Carolina?

Former Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines performed at the Southern Ground Festival Saturday night but later tweeted that time has stood still since the Dixie Chicks performed amidst controversy in Greenville, SC 10 years ago. Have things changed since then?


4 thoughts on “Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines still speaking her mind 10 years later

  1. Death threats on their kids too! Full Stop hate! They paid a real price & they were mostly alone. Even other musicians left them there to hang. She was blunt & spoke her mind.They did not hide behind others. The anonymous people who attacked them were the cowards AND their kids were the cowards.

    Oh, they scream about their rights to free speech and to bear arms today. However, apparently only they deserve them.

    I supported her then, but even if I disagreed, I would have supported her right to say them. I support free speech for those who disagreed with her, but the death threats and other actions were way over the top.

    Think about it. A successful country women’s group made 1 statement about the war. They opposed and said they were ashamed of Bush. That became the center and not the start of a war.

    Today, those call the President of the USA with every vile, racist and hateful name they can. What they said about Bush pales in comparison. They are diminishing the whole office of the President and that will remain diminished even if one of their cherished members is elected.

    Many in SC won’t ever forgive them. They make themselves the ones who are loudest. I hope she will look at those who supported them then and support them now. There has to be room for some 2-way street.

  2. Think she is irrelevant and insignificant. She thinks she is some bad ass rocker. All her statement did was make sure that 10 years later, some goof reporter would bring it up again. Music is so so. DXCs were pretty good. 10 years later, who cares. Move on.

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  4. Lynn was spot on. What happened to Natalie and the DXC was and is ridiculous. I find it incredible how brainwashed the country was to be sending death threats to the chicks for saying they don’t agree with an Ira

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