Upper Deck Tavern uses social media to nab vandals

It was just before closing time at the Upper Deck Tavern early Sunday when, according to a police report, a woman grabbed a fire extinguisher and set it off in the tavern as she and a friend went down the steps and out the door.

Staff immediately checked their security footage and while they thought they knew who the woman was, they didn’t recognize the accomplice, according to the police report they filed.

Tavern owner Ken Newman posted their pictures on Facebook just hours after it happened, along with a plea for his friends to help identify the women.


By Monday afternoon, after their pictures had floated around Facebook and Twitter for about 24 hours, both women came forward and apologized. Rather then press charges Newman gave the women a chance to make it right.

“They’ve agreed to (make it right) and I believe they will follow through,” Newman said Wednesday.

He removed their photos and never mentioned their names.

It was far from the first time Newman has posted the photos of ‘miscreants’ on social media but he said the goal is not to punish them as much as give them a chance to do the honorable thing.

“I’m dealing with people who are younger than me by decades, who make mistakes,” he said.


Newman, who is in his 60s, has owned Upper Deck Tavern for 12 years. He also owned what was formerly Horse and Cart and this January will celebrate 20 years on King Street.

He said he loves Facebook not just because it helps him nab customers behaving badly but because of sense of community it brings. He’s also used it to celebrate and raise money and bid farewell to longtime employees and customers.

“We’ve had some real good success,” he said.

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