Subtweeting schadenfreude: Some times it’s better to keep thoughts to yourself

It can be awfully tempting at times to share thoughts on social media that you might not otherwise share, or shouldn’t share.

Shortly after news broke this morning of WCIV sports anchor John Nugent’s arrest for DUI, one of his competitors tweeted what appears a thinly veiled comment about the incident.

Wow…karma catches up with some people, doesn’t it? — Andy Pruitt (@AndyPruittLive5)

That tweet has since been deleted but there’s more.


I don’t know either man personally. But I tend to agree more with Upstate sportscaster Marc Dopher.


3 thoughts on “Subtweeting schadenfreude: Some times it’s better to keep thoughts to yourself

  1. I saw that comment from Mr. Pruitt on Twitter this morning, and had similar thoughts as Marc. Actually I believe my exact thought was, “Wow…real classy.”

    Say what you want in private, but it is tactless to post passive-aggressive comments on social media about a competitor.

    Karma DOES catch up with people, so watch what you say.

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  3. Pruitt works for a highly rated station. However, his sportscasts are far from it. It’s a shame the person I thought he probably was held true based off his tweet reaction to this news. Andy, if you read this, notice we are now talking about you and not so much about the guy who got arrested. Pat yourself on the back for that one buddy, job well done.