In their own words: Two Charleston bloggers tackle deeply personal issues

It’s hard to know what to say when someone you know is dealing with something life-altering. You want to be there for them but if you haven’t experienced it yourself it’s difficult to know how to help.

That’s why I wanted to bring to your attention to Heather Solos at Home Ec 101 and Christina Orso at Hungry Meets Healthy, two local bloggers who both interrupted regular programming on their respective blogs to tell very personal stories.

Heather’s sister, Laura, died days after she shot herself.

Heather, who stood vigil around her sister’s hospital bed, later took to her blog and told the story of her sister, the agony and comfort of waiting with friends and family at the hospital and later told us how we can help people who are enduring something similar.

I was only at that hospital for 5 days, but lifetimes were lived. People don’t age overnight, they age as they wait for news, they age as they struggle with choices. I am a thousand years older than I was on Thursday morning at 5:14am.

Christina’s story

Many people around Charleston had heard about a guy named Nathaniel Tyler, a homeless man whom police had ultimately charged with raping five women in the downtown area. The details of each case were awful.

It wasn’t until Christina told her story on her health and fitness blog that many of her friends knew she was one of the victims.

 I will tell you he had me for over four hours, all the while, threatening my life, strangling me, and assaulting me. He would go back and forth from telling me to shut up and choking me, to befriending me for money, even telling me “I’m not trying to hurt you baby girl.”

Both women saw a tremendous support from the community since the blogs appeared.

Heather and Team Laura recently helped raise $50,000 for National Suicide Prevention Week.

Christina heard from many people on Twitter and Facebook.

But when I wrote my version of the story, the moment I clicked “publish”, I felt freer than I have in a long time. A huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I owe a huge portion of that to YOU.

And hopefully, thanks to Heather and Christina, more people in pain or in need of help will have the strength to tell their stories.

5 thoughts on “In their own words: Two Charleston bloggers tackle deeply personal issues

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  2. Why is Christina’s story so different from the Post and Courier story from when it actually happened? IF youre going to be so honest, maybe stick with the story you originally told.

    • I’m not sure what the differences are, necessarily, but I can tell you from years as a cops reporter that rape cases are among the toughest to get information about. One, you’re lucky if the police volunteer that there’s been a rape and two the reports are usually redacted to protect the victim’s identity (we also have a policy not to identify victims of rape) that there’s often very little to report other than preliminary details. A lot of the information doesn’t come out until trial or sentencing. Hope that helps.

    • I’m not sure which article you’re referring to, but I will say that after reading one from back in August, I was amazed at how much was softened compared to what actually happened. In the reporters’ defense, I must also say that the information they received from the police reports does NOT tell everything. I was appalled reading the police reports that didn’t clearly detail what happened…that and the initial report did not include as much information because I was unable to provide them with every detail immediately after the incident.

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