Friends grieve young Summerville woman’s death on social media

21-year-old Amanda Carey of Summerville died this morning following a wreck in Dorchester County. Her 21-year-old friend is charged with DUI.

Friends immediately took to Twitter and Facebook as word got out about the tragic wreck. I’ve used Storify to collect some of the posts below:





2 thoughts on “Friends grieve young Summerville woman’s death on social media

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  2. I want to let everyone that loves and misses Amanda know that as much heartache as it is causing them now, know that she is at peace with no pain, and take comfort in that. I was passenger that was ejected from a car that was being driven by someone who was intoxicated. I can tell you that if I could go back and make the decision of whether to live or pass on, I would have chosen to pass on and not be in pain. I live everyday with so much pain that it is almost unbearable, and the only cure for that is when God decides to call me home. I didn’t know Amanda, but my heart breaks for the loss of such a young life and the pain that her friends and family are going through. I hope that my words will give you some peace, knowing that she won’t have to go through a life full of pain from that tragic accident. The man that chose to drive while DUI has the whole rest of his life to live with the fact that he has ripped the precious life from that darling girl, and I pray that he will find sobriety and find a way to save others from that horrible mistake. God bless everyone, and please do not drink and drive, because you are taking the life of others into your hands when you get behind the wheel after drinking.