Alligators on Camaros, Kevin Spacey in flood water and other #$%#; you don’t normally see in Charleston


I really don’t know what to say about this, except it was reportedly photographed here in Charleston and posted on the Charleston subreddit.

And just to keep it bizarre, it was also witnessed by professional hockey goalie Mike McKenna in Hilton Head: Continue reading

Charleston tweetup: Beer, bowling, boiled nuts – and people you know from Twitter


#CHS Twitter is an active bunch. If there’s a wreck, a rainbow or a celebrity standing on King Street – y’all are tweeting about it.

The one thing we don’t do enough of is put our phones down for a little while and get to know one another.

Thanks to Kristin Meyers and the folks at The Alley we all have that chance Tuesday at the #chstweetup.

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Using social media to track breaking news in Charleston

A chase, a wreck, a manhunt. That was the scene on Ladson Road near North Charleston today.

I found out about it within minutes not because the police released information or because I saw it on a news site, but because several people tweeted about it.

That’s the world we live in now: even journalists lean on social media sites to help track and report stories because news travels so fast. If you’ve been following the Ladson Road story you’ll notice that the questions about what happened outnumbered the answers.

A journalist wants to answer your questions as accurately as possible, even if police aren’t ready to release information, so you can decide what route home to take or whether you should take shelter.

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