#Facebook – What does it mean?

Well, what do you know: Facebook announced today it will support hashtags.

If you’re not on Twitter, hashtags are those pound sign #thingys that occasionally crept onto your Facebook feed. (If you are on Twitter, you already knew that and hopefully you’re following me.)

Hashtags are useful on Twitter both as a way to search topics (#chsnews is the best way to search for news in #chs) and to be funny. #sometimes

It will be interesting to see what the effect will be on Facebook. I imagine we’ll start using on The Post and Courier’s Facebook account right away, especially for large news events. It will benefit us because people searching for a topic we posted about will find us, and it will benefit you if you’re the person searching for information on a topic.

Note: We’ve already debated a little on whether we should use the same hashtags that we use on Twitter – #chs #chsnews #chstrfc #chseats – which are great because they’re short and were agreed upon years ago by most of the Charleston-area news agencies. Or, should we just go ahead and spell out #Charleston – it’s more conversational and there isn’t a 140-character limit.

It’s also important to note that your search will only find public posts, and not those on private posts.

I’m guessing there will be some #blowback from people who don’t like the pound signs. My advice, which I also plan to heed, is to use them frugally per post. Target key words that people might search for.

It’ll be interesting to watch the reaction. Tweet me or tell me on Facebook and I’ll include your reaction here.

Update: Hashtags have not been rolled out for everyone yet.




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