Campus crushes: New Twitter fad part flattering, part creepy

A couple of the tweets are sweet: A secret admirer says a girl is gorgeous. A girl tells a boy he’s so funny and nice “and definitely boyfriend material.”

But by and large, the material on the new @CofCCrushes twitter account is way too raunchy to repeat here. And it’s all anonymous, except for the targets of the tweets who are either described in detail or named.

Some of the tweets are funny – and seemingly meant to be – and so far no one seems to have taken offense to being a target, no matter how creepy the tweet.

 The College of Charleston account has grown to 900 followers in about a week but it is not the first of its kind, not even in the state of South Carolina where there is already @USCCrushes 5,000+ followers; @ClemsonCrushes 2,800+ followers; and a @WoffordCrushes 260+ followers.

The concept is pretty simple. You anonymously send a message about someone you’re crushing on to one of these accounts and they tweet it out to everyone to see. I’m honestly not sure what’s to be gained from it – even if the object of your infatuation is somehow intrigued by your nasty gram – there’s really no obvious way for them to reach out to you.

Basically it’s just for everybody else’s entertainment.

What do you all think of it? Should the people named in these tweets be flattered or creeped out?

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