Road rage video not Charleston driver’s first confrontation – or video – involving police

Chad Walton has been confronting officers – and videotaping those confrontations – long before his road rage video (above) went viral on YouTube this week.

You can also find him arguing with officers here, and here, and here.

Post and Courier reporter Natalie Caula also reported today that Walton filed a similar complaint against a North Charleston police officer a year ago but the department determined the complaint to be unfounded.

Does Walton’s repeated confrontations with police change your opinion of what the North Carolina deputy did? Read the deputy’s public statement on Facebook here.

Chasing News

The coolest and yet most challenging aspect of social media is it gives everyone a platform. You no longer need “traditional media” to magnify your voice.

The challenge for journalists is when a seemingly newsworthy YouTube video with 300 views appears on your Facebook newsfeed and you literally watch it grow 10-fold and nearly 100-fold before you can get the first official to confirm what you think you’re seeing.

That’s what happened with this video Tuesday evening. Just goes to show how fast news can travel nowadays, even before it can be confirmed and vetted.

One thought on “Road rage video not Charleston driver’s first confrontation – or video – involving police

  1. This is sad. Apparently, the one with the most class is the one who lost the most. The deputy states that he owns the responsibility for this incident, but you can’t help wondering if there isn’t more responsibility to spread around.

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