Campus crushes: New Twitter fad part flattering, part creepy

A couple of the tweets are sweet: A secret admirer says a girl is gorgeous. A girl tells a boy he’s so funny and nice “and definitely boyfriend material.”

But by and large, the material on the new @CofCCrushes twitter account is way too raunchy to repeat here. And it’s all anonymous, except for the targets of the tweets who are either described in detail or named.

Some of the tweets are funny – and seemingly meant to be – and so far no one seems to have taken offense to being a target, no matter how creepy the tweet.

 The College of Charleston account has grown to 900 followers in about a week but it is not the first of its kind, not even in the state of South Carolina where there is already @USCCrushes 5,000+ followers; @ClemsonCrushes 2,800+ followers; and a @WoffordCrushes 260+ followers.

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North Charleston, Charleston Fashion Week make national headlines

North Charleston, the third largest city in South Carolina, is often over-shadowed by Charleston when it comes to the national press.

It’s not uncommon to see publications drop the “North” from in front of Charleston when talking about Boeing or events playing at the North Charleston Coliseum.

That’s why it was neat to see the city and its people and food get some much-deserved attention in The New York Times this weekend.

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Road rage video not Charleston driver’s first confrontation – or video – involving police

Chad Walton has been confronting officers – and videotaping those confrontations – long before his road rage video (above) went viral on YouTube this week.

You can also find him arguing with officers here, and here, and here.

Post and Courier reporter Natalie Caula also reported today that Walton filed a similar complaint against a North Charleston police officer a year ago but the department determined the complaint to be unfounded.

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Charleston on the web: a touching thank you to Uncle Kracker; restaurants vie for votes

Just a little roundup of things I’ve seen on the web over the last couple of days:

This very sad story came across my newsfeed last night after one of my Facebook friends became one of nearly 300 people to like the post on Uncle Kracker’s Facebook page. It’s written by a Colleton County High student about her friend who died and how happy he was to see the singer at the Coastal Carolina Fair.  Check it out. The comments are touching too.

 Craving attention

National magazines frequently take to social media to ask readers to vote for their favorite things, restaurants especially. Crave Kitchen & Cocktails in Mount Pleasant just recently “dominated” an Esquire contest seeking the best Mac and Cheese.

And now Fiery Ron’s Home Team Barbecue (Sullivan’s Island and West Ashley) is asking for you to vote in a Southern Living contest seeking the South’s Best Ribs. I noticed that Jim ‘n’ Nick’s is on there, as well as Sweatman’s in Holly Hill. The good news is you can vote for as many as five.

 Cover kids

Lowcountry Parent magazine is having its annual Cover Kids photo shoot Saturday. There will be plenty for your children to do AND you can sign them up for a chance to appear on the cover of the magazine.

Have fun.

CBS filming pilot for “Reckless” here in Charleston, using Facebook to cast extras

What if I told you CBS is filming a “sultry, legal show” about a gorgeous Yankee litigator and a Southern city attorney struggling to “hide their intense attraction while clashing over a police scandal”. Would you watch it?

What if I told you it’s set in Charleston?

Even better: the show is being filmed here and they’re looking for extras through a new Facebook page.

The Facebook page (876 likes as of this moment) discusses everything from how much extras are paid to who the actors will be. It’s run by the same people who cast for Army Wives, also filmed here in Charleston.

So far both the director and the lead actor are from the first Twilight movie so it’s subjective as to whether that bodes well for this show. I guess we’ll just have to tune in.