Dude, local entrepreneur offering coveted Twitter account in exchange for financing

The Dude

What would you give to be The Dude?
How about the @dude?

The @dude

Summerville entrepreneur Billy Gadol has held the @dude account since January of 2007. He’s is offering to give it away in exchange for a $4,999 donation to a project he’s trying to start on Kickstarter, a website that helps people raise money for such things.
Gadol has been playing guitar since he was a little dude and came up with the idea of creating a foot pedal that would allow him to change the sound of his guitar during songs, not in between.
With 11 days to go he’s nearly one-third of his way to his $60,000 goal. He’s offering various prizes commensurate with the donation amount but the big prize is the coveted @dude account.
How coveted? Gadol gets between 5-20 notifications a week that someone tried to hack into his account by changing the password.
You don’t have to be Burger King and Donald Trump to get hacked on Twitter. Hackers torched Wired writer Mat Honan’s Google account and Apple ID just because they wanted to make a grab for his three-letter Twitter account, @Mat.
Despite the interest, no one has yet pledged the $4,999 – and even if there is a pledge it’s only good if Gadol gets all of the $60K requested.
And there’s another wrinkle: Technically it’s a violation of Twitter’s terms of service to buy or sell a Twitter account. Gadol said he’d argue that through Kickstarter, he’s offering the account as a reward, not a straight-out sale.
Guess we’ll have to wait and see how that turns out, dude.
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