Celebrities recognize Charleston on Twitter, Facebook

Even the most famous celebrities recognize Charleston as a great city, so it’s no surprise when they’re recognized while shopping on King Street, frolicking on the beaches or just standing around the airport tarmac.

Celebrity sightings are so common now that we probably shouldn’t get so excited any more but we still do, especially when their Mount Pleasant wedding becomes national news. We just can’t help ourselves from taking out the smart phones and tweeting it.

That’s why I collected some of the best celebrity sightings captured on Facebook and Twitter from the last year or so often by the celebrities themselves.

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A closed-door meeting heard around the world via Twitter

If you weren’t on Twitter tonight, you most likely missed the drama unfold as Goose Creek High’s coach literally begged a state board not to ban the high school football team from the playoffs for having an ineligible player. (It would later uphold the ban.)

The funny thing is, the committee ignored the S.C. Freedom of Information Act and met behind the closed doors and, as far as we know, none of the participants knew a gaggle of reporters were outside the door listening to practically the whole conversation.

And not only were they listening, they tweeted it. Here are some examples (by the way, hats off to The Post and Courier’s Phil Bowman for an excellent job tonight):

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Say hello to my new blog, Charleston

I’m extremely excited.

The Post and Courier just switched to WordPress for all of our blogs, which now includes this one.

This will be similar to my other WordPress blog in that they both discuss social media but this space will also focus on Charleston and the Lowcountry’s social media scene and what we’re doing at The Post and Courier.

Unfortunately, we’re unveiling the new blogs just before the election so I don’t have much time to play around with the new toy. I can tell you we’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned.

I’ll be moderating a live chat tomorrow for the election that you can find at The Post and Courier’s homepage or on Facebook.

You can also use Twitter to let us know what the lines and traffic look like at your polling place by using the #chsvote hashtag. Tweets with that hashtag will go straight to the live chat. I’ll be moderating for roughly 12 hours tomorrow so please come by and at least keep me company for a bit.